… the spine

Spinal problems, especially involving the back, are the traditional domain of conservative orthopaedic care. Conservative treatment such as chiropractic treatment, mobilisation, injection therapy, CT-guided infiltration, radiofrequency therapy, physical therapy measures, electrotherapy, acupuncture, heat and cold treatment and balneological measures are suitable for treating many back problems.

Wide range of therapies

If you suffer from severe pain we can give you outpatient or inpatient treatment. Treatment options include the traditional methods of infusion therapy and pain blockage, as well as modern pain management procedures such as facet infiltration, radiofrequency therapy, epidural catheter and multimodal pain therapy, depending on your symptoms and condition.

Pharmacology and subsequent physical therapy treatment should also be mentioned in this connection.

Surgical procedures

If your condition is already causing neurological failure, symptoms of paralysis, or the like, a surgical procedure such as disc surgery may be necessary.

In this case, we work with our neurological partner practice of PD Dr. med. Ralf D. Rothörl and Dr. med. Philipp Tanner at the Isar-/Pettenkofer-Kliniken.

If you have spine-related complaints, please don’t hesitate to contact the orthopädie elisenhof clinic and we can inform you about the various treatment options.

You can find information about some treatment options under the menu item Services/Radiofrequency therapy.