… the knee

The knee is the most commonly injured joint in sport. Typical accident mechanisms are bad tackles in football and ‘unhappy triads’ in skiing, in which the skier gets caught in their skis and twists the knee injuring the cruciate ligament, medial meniscus and lateral ligaments.

In young people whose pain, irritation or swelling is not due to an accident-related injury, the cause may be a mispositioning or misalignment of the knee or the kneecap.

The orthopädie elisenhof clinic specialises in treating knee joint injuries and pain. We bring the highest standards of treatment to all kinds of knee injury.

Meniscus damage

If we find you have a meniscus injury, we can treat it conservatively or surgically depending on its type and severity. If an operation is necessary, we use minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy), stitching the torn meniscus or removing defective areas.

Cruciate ligament injury

If you’ve injured your cruciate ligament, treatment will have to be differentiated according to your activity level, age and expectations.

We can treat your injury conservatively by splint and physiotherapy. In operations that require hospitalisation, the injured ligament tendon is replaced with an autologous tendon.

We would be pleased to discuss treatment options with you.

Chronic knee pain

Like the hip joint, the knee joint is frequently affected by osteoarthritis. A result of wear-and-tear on the knee, this causes pain while walking.

Problems climbing stairs also indicate changes to the kneecap patella-femoral slide bearing unit. The resulting cartilage damage (chondromalacia) often leads to chronic irritation or swelling and pain that can be treated with medication at the early stages.

Excessive strain from sport

Sports activities can overstress the knee. Typical consequences are jumper’s knee, runner’s knee or painful changes at the base of the patella tendon.

Optimal treatment and training approach

Depending on their extent, many knee problems respond well to conservative care and training. If surgery is necessary, the orthopädie elisenhof clinic will gladly sit down with you to plan the necessary treatment.

Further information about treatment options can be found under the Services/Knee surgery menu item.