… the foot

The massive daily load on the feet can lead to structural changes in the anatomy of the toes and to pain from excessive strain. Typical manifestations of structural overload are hallux valgus (provided it is not congenital), hammer toe, hollow foot, and claw toe.

Gait analysis

At our practice, we first examine your feet for pressure marks and muscle deficits. Gait analysis is useful to further clarify functional foot problems, showing the rolling of the foot and uncovering weaknesses.

We refer you to the foot compendium on display at our practice, and to our scientific cooperation with the Deutsche Assoziation der orthopädischen Fusschirurgen e.V. (DAF; German Association of Orthopaedic Podiatric Surgeons) and the Gesellschaft für Fusschirurgie (German Society for Foot Surgery).

Heel spurs, metatarsal pain and Runner’s Foot

Other examples of foot conditions include heel pain (heel spurs, fat pad hypotrophy) metatarsal pain (fasciitis), changes in the tendons (Tibialis Posterior syndrome) and trapped nerves (runner’s foot).

Conservative options

Most foot problems are initially best treated conservatively with physiotherapy and by wearing insoles.

With the help of gait analysis and, if necessary, dynamic load measurement at our clinic we investigate your foot problems in detail and identify the condition.

Together with your orthopaedic specialists, we then develop an individual insole concept with customised insoles for you, which optimally address your symptoms.

Surgical treatment

If you have chronic severe problems in the front, middle or back region of your foot, we can help you with surgery — in particular with joint-preserving measures to the forefoot in cases of pronounced bunion formation or deformation of the little toes. We can significantly improve your symptoms using these procedures and also achieve a visually pleasing result.

The orthopädie elisenhof clinic would be pleased to be your competent partner for foot problems.

Information about treatment options can be found under the Services/Foot and ankle surgery menu item.