… the back

Back pain typically is caused by certain movements or excessive strain, especially on the cervical or lumbar spine (neck and lower back). This causes reflexive muscle tension and misalignments (e.g. lumbago) in the affected section of the spinal column. This reflexive misalignment can lead to nerve irritation, with pain that can spread into the arms or legs.

Such symptoms are usually caused by wear-and-tear on the intervertebral disc (herniated disc), the facet joints (facet syndrome) or the vertebral body. Even very slight dislocations of the vertebrae against each other (blocking) or in the ilio-sacral joint region can cause back problems. Poorly developed core muscles can also contribute to the development of such complaints.

These are traditional orthopaedic conditions, which can be treated very successfully through conservative care. Only in exceptional cases do they require surgical intervention.

Diagnostic procedures

At the orthopädie elisenhof clinic we have the full diagnostic as well as conservative and surgical spectrum available for identifying and treating your back problems.

For diagnosis, we rely on imaging techniques such as radiography, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). If a secondary diagnosis is required, we work with renowned neurosurgeons and neurologists.

Conservative treatment

Our conservative treatments range from chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy to infiltration treatment. Additional treatment options include acupuncture, acupressure and sacral therapy.


If your condition is already causing neurological failure, symptoms of paralysis, or the like, an operation may be necessary. In this case, we work with our Rothörl/Tanner neurological partner practice.