… the ankle joint

Every day one in 10,000 people twists their ankle and suffers an ankle sprain.

A sharp pain, followed by swelling is strong indication of a serious injury to the capsule-ligament apparatus. Depending on the extent of the injury to the ligament, conservative care or surgical treatment is necessary.

If the ankle is fractured, an operation is advisable in most cases.

The Achilles tendon

Other injuries to the ankle tendon affect the tendon with the highest load-bearing capacity of the human body, the Achilles tendon. Strains incurred in sport and everyday life can damage tendons and cause chronically painful permanent changes or even tear the Achilles tendon.

Chronic damage should be distinguished from an acute tear of the Achilles tendon. In the latter, there is a typical whip-like pain. Depending on the extent of the tear, conservative or surgical care is required.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain in the ankle is manifested in pain, swelling, frequent ankle twisting, blockages, or a feeling of imbalance. Possible causes may be old injuries, instability, limited joint mobility (impingement), cartilage damage or arthritis.

Some of the problems can be cured by a conservative approach with a special training programme, others require surgical treatment.

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