Shoulder surgery

Arthroscopic surgery: reattachThe growth of leisure activities has seen an increase in shoulder injuries. Because of the exposed position of the shoulder, these often involve fractures or muscle injury.

Shoulder fracture

At the orthopädie elisenhof clinic we treat shoulder fractures conservatively or surgically, depending on the requirements.

If you dislocate your shoulder it must be properly reset immediately. Additional surgical measures may also be required for stabilisation and to prevent further dislocation.

Rotator cuff

The rotator cuff is formed from the tendons covering the shoulder. A partial tear lesion can be treated conservatively.

However, if we found a full thickness tear lesion, arthroscopic or open surgery may be required to improve the shoulder function. In this operation we sew and fix (surgically reattach) the injured tendons to the shoulder.

Chronic damage

Chronic damage such as wear or degeneration of the shoulder caused by an impingement syndrome can lead to bursa irritation, calcification or tendon lesions. These can be treated by injections in combination with therapeutic exercise, physical therapy, or shock wave therapy.

If these options are not sufficient or if there are major tendon injuries, arthroscopic or open surgery is required.

The orthopädie elisenhof clinic is available to discuss any form of shoulder complaints. Depending on your condition, previous treatments, lifestyle and your complaints, we will work out a conservative or surgical treatment plan.