Knee surgery

Preparing a knee operationChronic complaints and acute injuries of the knee are frequent due to its complex structure and the extreme stress placed on it. The causes of complaints include sports strains, misalignment or joint degeneration.

Meniscus damage

If we detect that you have a meniscus injury, we can treat it conservatively or surgically, depending on its type and severity. During a minimally invasive operation (arthroscopy) we sew the torn meniscus or remove damaged areas.

Cruciate ligament injury

Computed tomography after a tendon replacementIf you’ve injured your cruciate ligament, treatment will have to be differentiated according to your activity level, age and expectations.

We can treat your injury conservatively by splint and physiotherapy. In operations that require hospitalisation, the injured ligament tendon is replaced with an autologous tendon.

We would be pleased to discuss treatment options with you.

Artificial knee joint

If the mobility of your knee joint is severely limited and any stress causes pain, you should consider a knee prosthesis as a possible treatment. In this case, the wear and tear on your knee joint is already so far advanced that conservative measures would not be promising.

In this case the orthopädie elisenhof clinic would be happy to advise you on the latest treatment options.