Surgery in our second location Hohenzollernstraße Conservative care

Stand up straight – the word ‘orthopaedic’ comes from Greek and means ‘straight posture’. Orthopaedics was originally based on conservative care, avoiding surgical intervention wherever possible. The orthopaedic specialist’s job was to identify and treat musculoskeletal disorders at an early stage.

Our guiding principle

At the orthopädie elisenhof clinic we initially treat your symptoms with bespoke conservative care, tailored specifically to your needs and situation. If conservative therapy is not sufficient to improve your symptoms and thus your quality of life, we will advise you on the possibilities of surgical treatment.

Successful methods

In your treatment, we use the entire range of conservative methods at our disposal. They include infiltration; chiropractic manipulation and mobilisation; kinesiological taping; immobilisation using bandages or plaster casts; spinal injection therapy such as facet infiltration and radiofrequency.

Other methods include pharmacological intervention, and treatment by qualified and competent physical therapists and physiotherapists.