Artificial joints

Artificial joints

Osteoarthritis is a painful joint condition. As you get older the cartilage ages and can cause impairment of the joint.

In the early stages, when the cartilage damage is light and localised, conservative treatment or bio-remodelling can improve symptoms and preserve the joint.

However, if the arthritis progresses to the extent that conservative measures are no longer effective, joint replacements – also known as endoprostheses – can help many patients.

Joint replacement / Endoprostheses

In joint replacement surgery, we replace the damaged joint with an artificial joint made of ceramic, titanium or special plastic (polyethylene). Artificial joints have been successfully used for decades to replace hip and knee joints, among others.

Ankle, shoulder, finger or toe joints can also be replaced if necessary.

The orthopädie elisenhof clinic will advise you about the options in artificial joint replacement. We would be pleased to discuss any questions about the timing of the surgery, aftercare and ‘living with the new joint’ with you in person.