Arthroscopic surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive and therefore relatively gentle surgical technique. The doctor makes small incisions to access the affected joint. The number of incisions depends on the type and extent of the joint disorder.

The doctor inserts a small optic into one of the incisions. A video camera attached at the end enables him to see inside the joint. He then inserts the screw anchors, replacements or reinforcements needed for the operation through the other incisions.

A wide variety of joints

Arthroscopic surgery can be performed on all kinds of joints. We can perform some operations on an outpatient basis at the clinic.

For larger interventions, especially to the shoulder and knee area (e.g. reconstruction of the cruciate ligament or shoulder cuff muscle), we recommend arthroscopic surgery with a hospital stay.

Advantages of arthroscopy

An arthroscopic intervention is gentler than open surgery. The healing process is faster because fewer anatomic structures are damaged.

In addition, you regain your strength quicker. You have much less pain and can leave hospital as an outpatient on the same day, or after an appropriate period of rest as an inpatient.

The rapid rehabilitation significantly reduces the time you need to take off work.